Management and Support Team

Anna Knighton (f)
As a managing partner, Anna is responsible for all aspects of the organisation including finance, strategy, recruitment, PCN development, and human resources.

Ashley Irwin (m)
As a managing partner, Ashley is responsible for accounts, information technology, health and safety, information governance, and facilities management.

Joyce Mason (f)
Contracts and Performance Manager Joyce has overall responsibility for contracting & the Administration team.

Louise Miller (f)
Operations manager Louise is responsible for the day-to-day aspects of running the surgery and deals with patient feedback, complaints & human resources.

Janet Tate (f)
Finance manager Janet is responsible for financial overview of the surgery.

Andrea Fox (f)
Reception Team Leader Andrea is responsible for running the reception team.

Our Reception Team is a good place to start if you want help. Not only do they know what is available in the practice they often have a great deal of knowledge about Health Services in our area. The main role of Reception Staff is helping you get the assistance you need. Our Team can advise you who best to see and guide you through the different types of appointments available.

Our Administration Team carry out a wide range of responsibilities including processing patient registrations and summarising patients medical notes.

Our Secretarial Team can help you with any queries regarding hospital referrals and private work, including insurance reports.

All non-medical staff are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and other health care professionals and will always deal with your problems and enquiries in a discreet and courteous manner.

All staff adhere to the Practice’s Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Act 2018.